The ACT-DDP project

The purpose of the ACT-DDP pilot project is to support the low-carbon transitions of high-emitting sectors in Mexico and Brazil by by promoting the coordination the ambitious national commitments made by countries, with the strategies formulated by private companies.

The project involves producing science-based methodologies and operational tools to:

  • Help companies define low-carbon strategies aligned with sectoral and national decarbonisation pathways consistent with the mitigation goals outlined in the Paris agreement.
  • Facilitate the dialogue between companies, policymakers, investors and other national stakeholders about the transformative sectoral actions and strategies that are required

Project results

Learn about the national and sectoral pathways, and companies’ low-carbon strategies

(Power Generation, Cement and Meat Production)

(Power Generation, Cement and Passenger Urban Transport)

Benefits for companies

What is next?

This project started in Mexico and Brazil as a pilot to test the ACT-DDP approach with a sample of 20 companies. The concrete possible next steps would involve:

  • Replicating the approach in other sectors, but in the same countries
  • Replicating the approach in new countries, either in the same or in new sectors